Michelle has the perfect balance of excitement, humor, vulnerability, and ability to think on her feet for last-minute program changes to be the ideal emcee. She kept the program together so we could enjoy every moment of it. 

Sara Beggs

Philanthropic Consultant, Indianapolis

 I just returned from helping pull off an international event, a conference which had many moving pieces. There was much potential for our times spots to become chaotic or disjointed, but with the utmost grace mixed with professionalism, wrapped all together with humor and relatability, Michelle truly connected all of the parts seamlessly! 

I highly recommend having a seasoned professional in this position for any production. Michelle absolutely gets my vote!

Lorna Heide

Yoga Instructor/Business Owner, G.O.O.D. Paths Coaching and Consulting, LLC Orlando, FL

I have had the pleasure to attend two events where Michelle Wright was the emcee. She is vibrant and engaging. She knew how to keep the show moving and all the players involved in the program with wit and charm.


Attorney, Los Angeles

Michelle has a great way to energize and draw in the audience. At a recent daylong women’s event, she struck me not as an ‘outside presenter’, but rather ‘one of us’.

Her sense of humor, her ability to remain flexible and adaptable while being well prepared, demonstrated her professionalism. I highly recommend Michelle for your next event.

Karin Shaw

Vice Chancellor, Global Engagement and Development , Pepperdine University

Michelle’s engaging personality and dynamic presentation made an event wer recently worked alongside of her come alive!  She not only has a dazzling personality, but her humor and interactions with the audience continued to uplevel the event. 

As the owners of Dreamscolor Media we found Michelle engaging and pleasurable to work with as a host. We will certainly be working with her again. 

Robyn and Scott Horton

Founders/Owners, Dreamscolor Media